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The Department of Mathematics at UW-Eau Claire offers the best features of both a small liberal arts college and a large university. We do this by providing a core mathematics curriculum that is supplemented by a variety of electives for individuals with specific interests.

Outside the classroom, undergraduates frequently collaborate with faculty on research problems. This "valued-added" high impact practice supplements our rigorous classroom curriculum.

Fall 2013-Spring 2014 Faculty-Student Research Collaborations

  • A Comparison of Solutions of the Two Dynamic Riccati Equations on Time Scales
    --with Dr. Chris Ahrendt

  • Moduli Spaces of 5-Dimensional Associative Algebras
    --with Dr. Michael Penkava

  • Mobius Functions, Permutation Patterns, and Posets
    --with Dr. Manda Riehl

  • Dissonance Curves and Musical Harmony
    --with Dr. James Walker

  • Mathematics of Rhythm and Syncopation
    --with Dr. James Walker

  • Spectrograms and Musical Analysis
    --with Dr. James Walker

  • Tait Graphs of n-Component Rational Tangle
    --with Dr. Carolyn Otto

  • Studying the Relationship Between Developmental Math Student Attitudes and Academic Achievement
    --with Dr. Charles Bingen

  • Constructing Spaces of Algebras and Computing their Deformations
    --with Dr. Michael Penkava

  • Simplices and Exceptional Tops
    --with Dr. Ursula Whitcher

  • Reflexive Polytopes and Elliptic Curves
    --with Dr. Ursula Whitcher

  • Genetic Association Mapping in Latinos
    --with Dr. Abra Brisbin

  • Statistical Analysis of Correlated Traits in Family Data
    --with Dr. Abra Brisbin

  • Algebras Associated to the Hasse Graphs of Regular Polytopes
    --with Dr. Colleen Duffy

  • Sonia Kovalevsky High School and Middle School Mathematics Day Assessment and Workshop Design: DI-versity in Math: Gaming to promote exposure
    --with Dr. Dandrielle Lewis

  • Classifying subgroups in a Central Product of Groups
    --with Dr. Dandrielle Lewis

  • Distinguished Colored Links
    --with Dr. Chris Davis

  • A Connection Between a Problem in Lattice Point Geometry and a Problem in Graph Theory
    --with Dr. aBa Mbirika

  • Penalized Regression Computation and Simulations
    --with Dr. Jessica Kraker


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