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About Us

 Our Department has 30 tenured or tenure-track professors. We are proud of both the rigorous curriculum that we offer in our classrooms and our engagement of students in learning outside the classroom, which includes student/faculty research collaboration.


In addition to our standard, 36 credit liberal arts mathematics major, we offer programs in actuarial science and mathematics education.

A student in the liberal arts major selects from three emphases: liberal arts, statistics, or applied mathematics. The 36 credit liberal arts major also requires a 24 credit minor.

The actuarial science program is a 60 credit "comprehensive" major, and so no minor is required. These 60 credits include courses in mathematics, economics, finance, and accounting.

The mathematics education major is a 36 credit mathematics major. In addition to this mathematics coursework, students take courses on teaching methods and curriculum in the Department of Education Studies so that they can become certified to teach mathematics in middle-school and high school.  This teaching major also requires a minor.