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Reserves Print and Media 

Guidelines for Placing Print/Media on Course Reserve


Placing print and media on Course Reserve

  • Use a different "Library Reserve List" form for each class.
  • Fill in the form completely. The requested information is needed to process your materials onto the automated system. Incomplete forms cause delays in processing.
  • Make certain you include your course prefix and course number.
  • Select only one circulation category per title.
  • Bibliographic citations must be complete for all materials. If you send photocopied materials to Reserve, make sure that proper bibliographic information is on each copy. Include complete source information: book or journal title, date of publication, publishers and edition of book. If this information is not present, we cannot process the material.
  • Processing time--Be sure to allow for processing time. Many instructors bring materials to Reserve during the first weeks of the semester. Requests are handled on a first come, first served basis during regular business hours. If you have a lot of materials please prioritize by the date the materials will be needed by students.
  • The Number of copies formula is 1 copy per 20 students (maximum of 5 copies). Two copies are always accepted. If you feel you require more than 5, please contact the Course Reserves Supervisor.
  • Ordering a book for Reserve use--We suggest that you order for the library (through your regular departmental procedures) books you will assign as required or recommended readings, which are not in the library's collection. When ordering a book for Reserve, please be sure to mark the RESERVE box on the ordering form AND send a Course Reserves form to Course Reserves Supervisor, McIntyre Library, listing the book and a note that it is "on order". Following these procedures will insure priority handling of the book order. You will be notified when the book is available.
  • Submit the "Reserve List" form WITH any copies of materials or personal copies of books, etc. at the Circulation Desk at the first floor entrance of the library or you may send them through campus mail if they fit in a campus envelope.
  • Removing items from Course Reserve--An instructor may remove an item from Course Reserve at anytime. If the item is owned by the library it will be returned to general circulation; if it is a personal or departmental copy it will be returned to the owner/department. NOTE: Any Print/Media Course Reserve item that has not been used for a course for two calendar years will be removed; personal copies will be returned to the owner/department.

What May Be Placed on Print Reserve

Books: Books in McIntyre Library Collection will be retrieved by the Reserve staff.

Media: DVDs, tapes, videotapes, CDs, etc.

Photocopies: Most of the following should be processed onto electronic reserve: photocopied or print materials such as syllabi, lecture notes, tests or other material created by the faculty member; student papers if the faculty member has obtained permission from the student, one article per periodical issue (on occasion more might be possible if the total excerpted is an appropriate portion of the issue and/or the issue is in the library collection), a single chapter from a book (on occasion more might be possible if the total excerpted is an appropriate portion of the book – approximately 10%).

Personal Property: Instructors may place personal copies of books, articles, reports, papers, pamphlets, etc., on Reserve. Please note, however, that these items are placed on Course Reserve at the instructor's risk. It is suggested that books you will assign as required or recommended readings, which are not in the Library's collection, be ordered by you through your academic department.

PLEASE NOTE: It is necessary that all personal books be processed with call number labels and barcodes.

Instructors whose personal property is damaged or lost must negotiate replacement with the borrower. Reserve will provide the name of the patron to whom the item was last checked out.