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Guidelines for Placing Materials on Electronic Reserve

What you must do to get materials processed onto E-Reserve:

  • Complete the Electronic Reserve List Form. An electronic version of the form that can be filled out online is available. You may complete the form online but please note that it is print-only because the form needs to be submitted with any materials. Make certain all portions of the form are complete. Incomplete forms cannot be processed
  • Attach copies of any copyright permissions you have obtained.

What may be submitted:

  • Syllabi, lecture notes, tests or other material created by the faculty member
  • Student papers (Instructor must obtain permission from the student and provide it to library staff)
  • One article per periodical issue (on occasion more might be possible if the total excerpted is an appropriate portion - approximately 10% - of the issue.)
  • A chapter from a book (on occasion more might be possible if the total excerpted is an appropriate portion - approximately 10% - of the book.)

Form in which material may be submitted:

  • A very clean, legible copy of an article from a periodical or a chapter from a book
  • If an article is in full-text on a library database, we may be able to link directly to the database. If you have found it full-text online, please add a note to the form.
  • We may be able to link other formats such MS Word documents, electronic files (such as text files), or PDF files or standard image files.

Where to submit the materials:

  • Submit online via the electronic form, drop them off at the library circulation desk, or send through campus mail to Course Reserves, McIntyre Library.

Other Considerations:

  • Allow time for processing: at least one week, but processing time always depends on the volume of current requests. At the beginning of semesters, additional time will be needed. Materials are processed on a first come, first served basis.
  • If you bring a number of materials, please prioritize the articles by date noting when the first articles will be needed by. There is a column on the form where you may enter the actual date each article will be needed. We may not be able to get the entire list done immediately, but we will try to have them available as they are needed.
  • The library reserves the right to limit file size.
  • The library reserves the right to place the item on Print/Media Reserve rather than Electronic Reserve or to decline the request.

Copyright and "Fair Use":

The collections of the University of Wisconsin libraries are purchased by the university for the nonprofit educational use of students and faculty. All library materials are acquired with the understanding that there will be multiple uses of a limited number of copies. Libraries frequently pay a premium institutional subscription price for journals for the privilege of supporting multiple academic users. The sole purpose of the electronic reserve system will be to facilitate the availability of materials for class use by students. Within this context, electronic reserve services conform to the language of fair use provisions of the copyright law.

  • Instructor must read and sign the copyright statement on each Electronic Reserve Form submitted for request to be considered.
  • Instructors must provide complete and accurate bibliographic citations for all excerpts or copies of articles placed on Reserve. The citation must include the title and date of any periodical from which an article has been requested for electronic Reserve.
  • The instructor must make certain that the title, author, publisher and publishing date of the book from which the chapter has been taken is legibly typed or written on the first page of said chapter.
  • Access to the electronic Reserve database is restricted to UW-Eau Claire students and instructors.
  • Bibliographic citations for articles and excerpts from books placed on Electronic Course Reserve will not appear in the general online library catalog. Faculty must inform their students that electronic materials are available and direct their students to the Course Reserve search.
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