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Circulation - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Can I check out books without my Blugold ID? I have my driver's license, and I know my numbers."
A. Absolutely not. We need the photo ID to prove their identity. A Blugold ID also indicates their status on campus (Student, Staff), and that they are a registered student, or current faculty/staff. The patron can fill out a 1-day hold slip, and come back to check out their material. If they are persistent in their demands, find a supervisor, and they may override a transaction. If the person is checking out a roomkey with a reservation, I will allow them to print off the agreement form or email confirmation. Then use the Reservation ID # found at the top.

Q. "Where is the closest bathroom?"
A. Behind the Library Classroom 1033.

Q. "Can I check out this laptop for 2 weeks? I'm going out of town on a class trip."
A. Not usually. During busy times of the semester we cannot allow longer checkouts. On occasion, we have granted a student a longer checkout, but they must provide a signed note from the instructor indicating the student will be using it for class use.

Q. "I returned this book about a week ago, but I just got an email saying it's overdue."
A. If the desk is not busy, you may locate the book on the shelf (do NOT tell the student to find it themselves). A supervisor will need to check it in and clear the fines. Otherwise have them fill out a Fine/Overdue Appeal Form, and a supervisor will get back to them shortly.

Q. "I would have returned this book sooner, but I was away on a family emergency (my car broke down, I was in the hospital etc.)."
A. If they have a legitimate excuse, we will need verification from the doctor, mechanic, funeral home, etc. We do not require anything too specific - a hospital wrist band, doctor's note, obituary, mechanic's estimate will suffice. We will clear the fines as long as the dates coincide with the overdue dates on the material. They should also file a Fine/Overdue Appeal Form so we have a paper record of the event.

Q. "I just ordered a book through Interlibrary Loan. How soon will it arrive?"
A. It depends on where the book is getting shipped from. If a Wisconsin library is sending it, it will arrive quicker than a library from California. You can monitor the progress by logging into Illiad, and clicking 'View/Modify Outstanding Requests'.

Q. "Do you have change for a $______?"
A. There is a change machine between the copiers that will exchange $1.00 & $5.00 bills. Anything bigger will need to go to the Service Center in Davies. We do not keep much money in the cash drawer, and often cannot break down higher bills.

Q. "Is there a Fax Machine I can use in the library?"
A. No there is not. The Copy Corner in Davies will send faxes for a fee. The first page is $1.50, and each additional page is $.50.

Q. "Can you tell me who has Huckleberry Finn checked out?"
A. Absolutely not. It is illegal to provide this type of information. However, you may place a hold or recall on the iitem to ensure you are next in line. Universal Borrowing would also be a good option.

Q. "Can you tell me what study room number my group is using?"
A. We can give out this information, but it should be the responsibility of the group to let everyone know what room they are using.

Q. "Do you have any study rooms that have a dry/erase board?"
A. Yes, both the listening rooms in the basement have dry/erase boards.  There are also mobile boards scattered about the library.

Q. "How do I get one of those lockers on the 5th floor or basement? (not the ones in the Graduate Study)"
A. We check these out to students for the entire semester for $10.00. 

Q. "Can I borrow some paper from you?"
A. No, but we sell 50 sheets for $1.00. 

Q. "The copy machine ate my dime, and now it's jammed."
A. Open the doors and see if you can locate the jam. Try turning the power off, and on again. We do not give refunds since the copiers are not owned by McIntyre Library. We do have refund slips in the photocopier drawer the students can turn in to the Printing Services Office. If nothing seems to fix the copier, contact Printing Services 36-5621.

Q. "Do you have a color printer?"
A. No, not anymore.  The computer lab in Old Library has a color printer for public usage, but they charge $.50 a sheet.

Q. "I locked my Study Room Key in the room. What do I do now?"
A. Find a supervisor. They will know where to locate the master key. The nearest custodian would be the next best option.

Q. "Do you have a _________ I can borrow?"
A. We have scissors, rulers, calculators, colored pencils available for checkout.  Rubber bands, paper clips, and any other small items can be given out.

Q. "Is there a printer that will print double-sided?"
A. Yes, the #2 & #4 printers in Reference print double-sided.

Q. "Does the library have any scanners?"
A. Yes, they are all over. There are a couple in Reference, one on 3rd floor, and one on 4th floor.

Q. "When do you auction off old equipment (laptops, camera, etc.)?"
A. Usually in the Fall around October. We have done online auctions, and we have done 1st come 1st serve.

Q. "I have my laptop, but I forgot to bring back the mouse (case, power cord, etc.)."
A. Ask them when the soonest they can return the item. If it is past the due time, go ahead and check it in. Give them a time the item needs to be returned. If it is returned past that time, they will get fined. Pull their agreement form from the drawer, and give to a supervisor with a note explaining the situation.

Q. "Can I renew my book over the phone? I live outside of Eau Claire and do not have internet access to renew it.".
A. Yes, go ahead and renew it. But explain this is not standard procedure, and we are making an exception this time.

Q. Professor: "I need to reserve a videotape/DVD to show in class on a specific date. How can I ensure its availability?"
A. Filling out a Media Scheduling Form is the proper procedure. We have forms in the drawer, and an online Media Scheduling Form.

Q. "Can I check out material for my instructor? They gave me their Blugold ID."
A. They should have their instructor fill out a Proxy Authorization Request if they will be frequently checking out material for them. If they have the instructor's Blugold, find a supervisor to complete the transaction.

Q. "Can the copiers do duplex copying?"
A. No. Although they appear to have that option, they do not.

Q. "Why do we need to bring back the laptop for a renewal?"
A. Because we need the barcode to scan it. The barcode number is not listed on the agreement form, and the Blue Sticker # is not always listed. Bringing back the laptop also allows us to visually check the laptops for problems, and retrieve it if needed for maintenance.

Q. How do I renew ILL / UB material?
A. ILL: check the white bookband. There will be renewal information listed. UB: They will need to log in to their online account. Once the book is checked out, all ties to UWEC are nonexistent, and we cannot renew it for them. If the book is overdue, the system may not allow them to renew it. In this case, copy down the information (patron name, book title, owning library), and give to a supervisor.

Q. Is there a payphone in the library?
A. Not anymore. The closest one is in Davies.

Q. How can I reserve one of the display cases?
A. They will need to print the online Application Form. When this is returned, it will get directed to the Exhibits Committee. As long as their display is not too controversial, and there are no other displays scheduled, there should not be a problem putting it up at the requested time. Most displays are assembled at the first of the month and taken down at the end of the month.

Q. Can I check out an Ethernet Cable (or microphone, USB Cord, Firewire, etc...) without having to check out a camera or laptop?
A. If you are only planning to use the item for a few hours, then we will need to keep some sort of collateral (Blugold ID, drivers license, watch, etc.). If they need it for a longer period or overnight then most likely the answer is 'no'. If they are persistent, find a supervisor.

Q. What do you do when a patron's Blugold ID card does not scan?
A. If it says "Privilege Unassigned", they need to go to the Blugold Card Office and have them fix it.
A. If it says "Number not found", their card is broken and needs to be replaced. This will cost them $10.00.