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Frontier Life in the Chippewa Valley: Documents from the Father Goldsmith Collection

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Wisconsin Historical Society(related collections)

  • Ermatinger Family Papers, EC Mss CK (EC Area Research Center)
  • Genealogical chart of the descendants of Jean Baptiste Cadotte, undated. SC-O 16. (Madison)
  • Lyman M. Warren Family Papers, SC 1424 (Madison)
  • Warren Family Genealogical Charts, SC-O 75 (Madison)
  • Lyman Marcus Warren, ca. 1990, Biographical sketch by Theresa Schenck, SC 2772 (Madison)
  • Henry Hastings Sibley Papers, 1826-1848, Micro 345 (Madison)
  • Jean Brunet Collected Papers, 1837-1880, EC Small Collection 60 (EC ARC)
  • Rusk County Historical Society Papers (regarding Jean Brunet), EC Small Collection 36 (EC ARC)