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When Did Our Professors Become Buildings?

W.L. Zorn Arena, 1952

Bill Zorn
Bill Zorn

W.L. Zorn Arena was named in honor of Willis "Bill" L. Zorn, Dean of Men, Director of Athletics, and Head Basketball Coach. Originally known as the Physical Education Building and the University Arena, the building was completed in 1951 and first used in 1952. Men's and women's intercollegiate athletics events take place in Zorn Arena, as do graduation ceremonies. Many of the university's artists and lecturers make their presentations in Zorn Arena.

Zorn Arena

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Brewer Hall-Zorn Arena-Kjer Theatre complex was held on October 20, 1950. The cornerstone was laid on September 19, 1951 and full use of each unit of the complex was achieved in September 1952.