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When Did Our Professors Become Buildings?

Harvey Schofield Hall, 1916

Harvey Schofield
Harvey Schofield

The building was known only as Eau Claire State Normal School until the later campus expansion, when it was referred to as "Old Main." In 1960 it was named in honor of Harvey A. Schofield, who became the first president of Eau Claire State Normal School in April 1916.

Schofield 5a

Schofield 6a

Schofield 7a
Construction Photos, 1916

Construction of the Eau Clare State Normal School began in the summer of 1914, on a twelve-acre site between Putnam Park and an abrupt bend in the Chippewa River. The building cornerstone was laid and the building dedicated on October 19, 1916. The Governor of Wisconsin dedicated the new building with the words "that the sons and daughters of the Commonwealth might have better educational service."

Schofield 9