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When Did Our Professors Become Buildings?

Ade Olson Addition to McPhee Center, 1987

Ade Olson
Ade Olson

Ade Olson, a star athlete in football, basketball and baseball, graduated from Eau Claire Normal in 1926 and received his bachelor's degree from E.C. State Teachers College in 1929. In 1947 he returned to WI State College at E.C. as a football coach, chairman of the physical education department and teacher. Olson was named one of the two charter members of the Blugold Hall of Fame in 1973 and also received the Distinguished Alumni Service Award. Olson retired in 1975.

Ade Olson Addition

The McPhee Physical Education Center Addition opened in the fall of 1987 with Ade Olson attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony. On October 8, 1988, the addition was dedicated to Ade Olson following his death on February 8, 1988.