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When Did Our Professors Become Buildings?

Eugene McPhee Physical Education Center, 1969

Eugene McPhee
Eugene McPhee

In 1948 Eugene McPhee was appointed to the secretaryship of the Board of Regents of State Normal Schools and would later serve as the executive director of the Wisconsin State University System. McPhee, a 1923 graduate of Eau Claire Normal School, also earned a bachelor's degree in 1932 from the Eau Claire State Teacher's College and was appointed principal of the model school. After service in WWII, McPhee became director of teacher training at Eau Claire until leaving for Madison in 1948. In 1962, McPhee was the second person to receive the Alumni Distinguished Service Award.


The McPhee Physical Education Center opened spring semester of 1969 and was dedicated on April 20, 1969, with Eugene in attendance. The building is located on the top of the south bluff of Putnam Park and includes the first swimming pool at this school.