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When Did Our Professors Become Buildings?

W.D. McIntyre Library, 1960, 1976, 1993

W.D. McIntyre
W.D. McIntyre

William D. McIntyre, who was known as "Mr. Higher Education in Wisconsin," was an Eau Claire businessman and civic leader. He was appointed to the Board of Regents of Normal Schools in 1945 and resigned in 1966 after serving as President of the Board of Regents of State Colleges from 1950-1963. Under his leadership, enrollment in the state college system grew from 6,000 to 60,000 and the colleges became universities.

Old McIntyre Library

McIntyre Library

In 1916 the campus library was located on the 2nd floor of Schofield Hall until a new library building opened in 1960 (now Old Library). In 1963 it was named in honor of William D. McIntyre upon his retirement as President of the Board of Regents. The six-story tower addition opened in 1972 and the former library became known as Old Library. In 1993 an addition was added.