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When Did Our Professors Become Buildings?

Katharine Thomas, a member of the first faculty in 1916

Photo Left: Katharine Thomas, a member of the first faculty in 1916

In her 1980 memoir, "From Minnie Creek to UW: The Buildings Tell the Story," Clarice Chase Dunn (Class of 1937) described this phenomenon:

"When Bill Gaven, Class of 1926, returned to the UW-Eau Claire campus in 1980 to participate in the ASK AN ALUM seminar, he remarked wryly but proudly that his beloved professors had turned into buildings. And so they had! Harvey Schofield, C.J. Brewer, Katharine Thomas, A.L. Murray—all had buildings named after them. As a 1937 graduate of Eau Claire State Teachers College, I shared his sense of wonder that our one-building red brick school had become a academic village memorializing the professors who once taught in that single structure. Walking around campus we reminisced. The names on the halls, dorms, libraries are now little more than identification for the students who use them. For us they are inseparable from the memories of our growing up years."

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