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When Did Our Professors Become Buildings?

Leonard and Dorellen Haas Fine Arts Center, 1970

Leonard and Dorellen Haas
Leonard and Dorellen Haas

Leonard Haas, a 1935 graduate of Eau Claire State Teachers College, returned in 1941 as a history teacher and quickly moved into administrative roles. Haas assumed the Presidency upon the death of W.R. Davies in 1959 becoming the school's 3rd president. Major changes on campus during his tenure included the enlargement of the campus plant, great increase in the size of the faculty and student body, and the establishment of the UW System. Haas retired in 1985.

Haas Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Center opened in 1970 and was dedicated to Leonard Haas and his wife Dorellen on April 27, 1986. This was the first university structure to open on the north side of the Chippewa River and necessitated the building of the pedestrian bridge. Within the center are four other named rooms: the Ruth Foster Art Gallery, the L.E. Phillips Recital Hall, the Robert Gantner Concert Hall, and the Ross Hastings Music Library.