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Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

McIntyre Library is a dynamic research environment that supports the University mission with a place, people and collections that promote the integrated pursuit of learning.

Vision Statement

The library will serve as the intellectual commons of the university where diverse ideas across disciplines are investigated, explored and exchanged.

Values Statement

Adopted 5/7/03. A Values Statement attempts to define how we want to work with each other and the people we serve. It describes our organizational culture, shared beliefs, fundamental assumptions and principles to form a foundation for our planning. Our Values Statement helps guide us in our courses of action.

We value:

  • The provision of a venue for free and open intellectual pursuits. Open access to recorded knowledge, information and ideas is essential to education, to civilization and to freedom.
  • The connection of people to ideas. We assist users in defining their research, and providing services and resources to individuals of diverse background and needs.
  • Our contribution to the teaching and learning mission of the University. We are committed to improving information literacy skills for our community, encouraging lifelong learning, and providing resources that meet the differing needs of learners and promote the spirit of inquiry.
  • Excellence in service to our communities. We are dedicated to sharing professional expertise and to providing quality services.
  • The privacy of our users. We respect the confidentiality of users’ information requests and library records.
  • The preservation of the human record. We value the preservation of our accrued human memory, in stories, expertise, history and evolved wisdom.
  • Planning for the future. We pursue library and University success through the accomplishment of clearly defined goals, objectives and strategies.
  • Communication within the library. We believe that the exchange of experience, ideas and information is essential for the realization of our mission and achievement of our goals.
  • The skills, contributions and potential of our library employees. We appreciate employee contributions and encourage their work through training, opportunity and recognition.
  • Collaboration as a means to achieve our goals and optimize the use of resources. We work cooperatively with other departments and institutions to achieve common goals.

Thanks to the American Library Association, the Australian Library and Information Association, and other library values statements, for contributions to this document.