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Talking to Student About Liberal Education

Why is it important to talk to students about the new liberal education program?

We need to help students understand:

  • that taking courses from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives helps accomplish UWEC's goal of educating the whole person and future citizen, not just the future worker.

  • that the knowledge, skills, and values gained through our LE program are also highly valued by employers, graduate and professional schools, and the communities in which our students will live.

  • that we expect our students to be engaged in LE courses, to work toward meeting the courses' LE outcomes, and to strive to integrate their learning across their LE program.

  • how to talk with employers and the general public about the value of a liberal education and of a UW-Eau Claire degree.

How can we talk to students about the new liberal education program?

  • Explain what we mean by outcomes-based education.

  • Explain the LE Program's specific requirements and how they can meet them in a meaningful way.

  • Explain how achieving the LE outcomes starts them on a path toward personal and professional success.

  • Help them see how liberal education connects with the other components of their degree.

  • Use personal examples to illustrate the impact that liberal education courses or experiences had on our lives and careers.(Did a GE or LE course or experience give you a life-long interest in a topic? Did it influence how you view yourself or your discipline? Do you regret not taking advantage of an LE experience, or not paying better attention in an LE course?)