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High Impact Practices

In 2007, American Association of Colleges and Universities released a report (appendix to College Learning for the New Global Century) that suggested ten education practices that “are correlated with positive education results for students from widely varying backgrounds”.[1]

Since then, much has been written about the importance of enhancing the college experience by offering students a range of High Impact Practices (HIP’s) to participate in.[2]

UW-Eau Claire is an active participant in the AAC&U Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) initiative. We deeply understand the changing needs of our students and our responsibilities in providing them the excellent liberal arts education they want and deserve.

To this end, we encourage our students to participate in two or more of the Liberal Education Initiatives currently offered at UW-Eau Claire. As a campus, we intend to keep a pulse on how our high impact initiatives are working and focus on continuous improvements.  

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