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Blugold Bundles

How often have you wished that your general education courses were more meaningful and better connected to each other and your life?  


Check out Blugold Bundles!

Blugold Bundles are UW-Eau Claire's signature learning communities of 2-6 courses taught across one or more semesters. The courses link together in ways that explore a big question or a theme from different disciplines of study.

Teams of instructors work together and use teaching strategies that help students to integrate the concepts across the courses and within their lives. Students get to know instructors through in and out-of-class activities.

20-30 students take the Blugold Bundle together and form a learning community. At least one of the courses has only bundled students.

Try out a Blugold Bundle as a way to meet some of your liberal education core requirements where instructors work as team to help you see connections between disciplines and integrate knowledge.

Register for a Blugold Bundle by uploading all fall courses into the shopping cart at the same time. All bundled courses have a "20_" section number.

Contact any one of the bundle instructors for enrollment or Blugold Bundle questions.









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