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Accessing the Wireless Network - Mobile Devices

To connect your device to the UWEC network, you will need to register its Wi-Fi Address (also called its MAC Address) with the university. Every device that connects to the UWEC network has a unique address that distinguishes it from all other devices.

Below are instructions for connecting several different devices to the UWEC network. To learn how to register your laptop, visit the page on Connecting to the Wireless Network. For information on more devices, visit the UWEC ResCom Support pages on device registration.

Android Device (2.1 or newer)

  1. To begin, open the Settings settings application. Select WiFi and connect to "UWECregister".

  2. Open your Internet browser and navigate to ""

  3. On the Network Registration site, pay attention to any announcements before selecting Continue.

  4. Enter your UWEC credentials and click Continue.

  5. Select "Register Device" on the following screen.


  6. Select "Step 1: First, Install the App to install Xpress Connect".  

  7. Select Google Play store to open the XpressConnect app, and install it.

  8. Once the app is installed, open it. You may disregard the XpressConnect notice regarding UWEC servers, and press OK at the bottom of the screen.

  9. Go back to the Network Registration page, and proceed to Step 2.

  10. This will open an Xpress Connect window detailing what changes will be made to your device. Select Continue.

  11. The next few windows will describe the default settings and configurations for your device on the network. You will not need to enter information, even when prompted to "enter a password" or "name the certificate". Simply press Continue or OK on each of these screens, and your device will be registered on the UWEC network.

  12. Select Done to complete the registration process.



Apple iOS Devices

  1. Select the Settings app settings and connect to the "UWECregister" network.

  2. Open up Safari (It must be Safari, this process will not work with other browsers).

  3. Select Manage Network Access.

  4. Enter your UWEC credentials and click continue

  5. Select Register Device



  6. You will be prompted to install the UWEC profile onto your device. Select Install.


  7. A Root Certificate window will appear, select Install Now.

  8. You will be prompted to enter your passcode if your device has one.

  9. Select Done when finished.

  10. Your device should automatically connect to the network "UWEC". If not, open Settings and manually select the UWEC network. This will complete the registration process.

Help Desk

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