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Outlook 2011 for Mac

Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 enables users to manage their personal and business lives through the customization and organization of their messages, contacts, calendar, appointments, and tasks.  New features such as My Day, the Ribbon, Time Machine, Conversation actions, Co-Authoring tools and other such features have been updated from Outlook 2008 for Mac, providing users with more organizational capabilities.

How-to Information


Feature Description
Calendar Allows you to create appointments and events, assemble meetings, view group schedules, view calendars simultaneously, link to calendars on Microsoft SharePoint, send calendars through email, publish calendars online, and subscribe to online calendars. When you receive a meeting invitation, your calendar is automatically displayed next to the message.  Also, you can layer multiple calendars (e.g., layer co-workers calendars to compare availability).
Categories Allow you to organize tasks and messages; Microsoft Outlook 2010 suggests creating three categories: Project, Topic, and Location/ Activity (e.g., @Read for tasks that require extensive reading). Tasks can be placed in multiple categories, and each category is assigned a color.
Co-Authoring Tools Allows you and your co-workers to work on files from Word, PowerPoint or Excel1 from different locations. This feature enables groups to work together without needing to produce multiple versions, meet in person, and it ensures that edits of the document will not be lost. This application also permits you to view who is working on the document with real-time status updates.
Communicator If you have Microsoft Communicator for Mac 2011, you and your co-workers can use Outlook to see who is online, and instant message or video call these contacts.
Conversations Organizes messages with the same subject into a conversation, removing past messages that clutter your inbox so that only the most recent message which contains all past messages remains in your inbox.
My Day Allows you to manage your schedule, contacts, appointments, and tasks within Outlook, and is available from your desktop or on your mobile device. My Day can be left open on your desktop even if Outlook for Mac is closed.
OS X Integration Whether you are operating on Mac OS X or Window 7, you are able to have Outlook 2011 integrated with your system.
PST Import Support You are able to move your PST and archives from the Windows platform to Mac.
Ribbon Allows you to navigate through Outlook to find commands and is collapsible for more screen space. The Home tab has tools for replying, forwarding, applying rules, flags, and categories. There are also tabs such as the Options and Tools tab for categorizing messages and creating folders.
Synchronized Email Accounts Allows you to synchronize email accounts from multiple services like Hotmail, Gmail, or other providers to Outlook 2010 so that personal and business email accounts can be viewed together in Microsoft Outlook 2010.
Tasks Allows you to create reminders for tasks which can be sorted by Start Date, Due Date, Folder, Type, Importance, or Show in Groups. Upon completion, tasks can be marked as complete, or removed from the list of daily/weekly tasks.
Time Machine Allows you to back up files and Outlook data. This application, when turned on, automatically copies every file on your computer regularly so you can browse backups in case of damage or loss to files.


Help Desk

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