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Locker Tool

About Lockers

The Locker tool is personal document storage space within D2L's Learning Environment and is created automatically for all D2L users. Instructors and students may upload files from their computers and may create HTML files in their personal locker space. The Locker tool is on the upper left navigation bar on the My Home page and in most D2L courses at UWEC.

This document contains information on the following:

Locker Types


  • Created automatically for all users in D2L
  • Files in your personal locker are private; only you are able to see your documents.
  • You may make documents public if you choose.
  • Documents in your personal lockers are not course-specific.
  • You may create folders in your locker to organize your documents if you wish.


  • Created when instructors set up group lockers for small groups in D2L courses; not automatically created
  • Group locker space is course-specific and allows students to share documents with group members.
    • Once the D2L course closes, students will no longer be able to access documents in the group locker in that course.
  • Any member of the group may upload and modify files in group lockers.
  • The "Modified by" column displays the name of the last person who worked on the file.
  • The "Last modified" column displays the date and time the document was uploaded to or created in the locker.
  • Documents in group lockers cannot be made public.

Accessing the Locker Tool

  1. Click on Locker on the upper left navigation bar in your courses or on the My Home page.


  2. After opening the Locker tool, click on Group Lockers if available, to view your group locker space.

Accessing Others' Public Locker Files

  1. In the Classlist, click on the arrow/triangle to the right of the student's name to reveal the dropdown menu.

  2. Choose "View shared locker files" from the menu to see a list of the students' public files.


  3. Click on the name of the file you want to open.

Note: You may filter the list of files by searching for a specific file type in the Files of Type dropdown list below the list of public documents.

Accessing Group Lockers

  1. Access the specific D2L course in which your Group Locker was created.

  2. Click Locker on the course navigation bar.

  3. Then select Group Lockers.


Note: You can only access your group locker documents from the course in which your group was created. Once that D2L course closes after the semester ends, you will no longer be able to access the Group Lockers in that course.

Creating Folders

Folders may be created to organize your locker space.

To create a new folder:

  1. Access the D2L Locker tool on the navigation bar.

  2. In My Locker, press New Folder.

    new folder
  3. The New Folder dialog box appears. Type the folder name.

  4. Press Create.

  5. The new folder appears in your list.

Uploading Files

Once you have created your document outside of D2L, you may upload it to your locker:

  1. Access the D2L Locker tool on the navigation bar.

    NOTE: If the document is to be uploaded to a Group Locker, be sure to access the specific D2L course first. Click on the Locker tool link, then on Group Lockers.

  2. On the My Locker page, press Upload Files.

    new folder

    OPTIONAL: Check the public option if you want to make the document visible to others. If not checked, the document will only be visible to you. publicoption

    NOTE: This option does not appear in Group Lockers. Items saved in Group Lockers cannot be made public.

  3. OPTIONAL: Enter a description of the file.

  4. In the Files to Upload section, press Choose Destination to select an existing folder in which to save your document.

  5. In the Select a Folder dialog box, you may press the New Folder button to create a new folder.

  6. Browse to your document and select it.

  7. Press Save.

Creating Files (HTML Format)

You may also create new documents in HTML format in the Locker Tool editor.

  1. On the My Locker page, click New File.

    new folder

  2. Type the File Name.

  3. Press Choose Destination to select or change the folder in which to create this HTML document.

    OPTIONAL: Select the public checkbox if you want other users to view this document.

    OPTIONAL: Enter a File Description.

  4. In the Edit Contents editor, create your document by typing in text, creating links, inserting graphics, etc.

  5. Once saved, you may edit the title and description by clicking on the context menu to the right of the document name.


  6. Press Save to retain your changes

Deleting Files

You may delete files you no longer need from your locker.

  1. In the Locker Tool, click on My Locker or Group Lockers to access your list of saved documents.

    WARNING: Deleted documents are not recoverable so be sure to take care when deleting files.

  2. Click on the checkbox in front of the document you wish to delete.

  3. Click on the Delete button above or below the list delete

  4. To delete single documents at a time, you may instead click on the context menu to the right of the document name.


Help Desk

For more information or to request a service, contact the LTS Help Desk:
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