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Why am I unable to log in to D2L?

There are a number of possible explanations:

  • Make sure you are entering your UW-Eau Claire username and password correctly.
    Your password is case sensitive so be sure your CAPS lock is off.
    Enter only your username; do not include in the Username field.
    Make sure your CAPS lock is off; your password is case sensitive.

  • What time are you trying to access Desire2Learn?
    Check the Weekly Maintenance widget on the D2L home page and plan around the maintenance schedule. There may be unannounced outages on Thursdays between the hours of 5:00 and 7:00 am CT.

Help Desk staff (; 715-836-5711) may be able to help you troubleshoot login problems due to other issues.

Why is my D2L course not listed on the My Home page?

There may be a few reasons why the course is not listed, including:

  • You have registered late and are not yet enrolled in the Desire2Learn component for the course. New enrollees are enrolled in D2L courses during an overnight process.

  • The instructor may not use Desire2Learn.

  • Your My Courses listing is not expanded. Scroll to the bottom of the D2L My Home page. In the My Courses widget, if it has not already been done, click the arrow icon next to the current semester to expand the listing.


My D2L course is listed but I cannot access it. Why not?

Students are able to access D2L courses during the semester they are offered. You may access your D2L courses from the course start date until the course end date. D2L courses normally close to students three weeks beyond the last day of class. If you wish to access a Desire2Learn course after the course has ended, contact your instructor.

I added a UWEC course this morning. When will I be enrolled in the D2L course?

If the course is using Desire2Learn, you should be added to the Desire2Learn component the following business day. If the course still is not listed by 8:00 a.m. on the following business day, send an email to the LTS Help Desk ( Please include:

  • Your UW-Eau Claire username
  • Course department and number
  • Section number
  • Instructor's name

Help Desk

For more information or to request a service, contact the LTS Help Desk:
HelpDeskLogo715-836-5711 | | OL1106