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News Items are a convenient way to inform students about upcoming events, due dates, etc. They appear in the News widget on the Course Home page.

Note: If you do not enter any news items, the students see "There is no news to display" when they enter the course, which sometimes results in confusion. It is helpful to the students if you create at least one basic news item.

This page explains how use News for:

Creating a News Item

  1. In Course Home, click the dropdown arrow next to News and select new newsNew News Item

  2. In the Headline text box, type a headline.

  3. In the Content text box, type the body of your news item.

  4. Use the toolbar buttons to format your news item.

  5. Optional: To set a future date to display this news item to students, in the Availability section, from the Start Date pull-down lists indicate the desired start date and time of day.

  6. Optional: To have the News item stop displaying on a certain date, select Remove news item based on end date and use the End date pull-down lists to indicate the desired date and time of day.

  7. Optional: You can add an attachment or record audio.

Creating a News Item Draft


  1. If you are not yet ready to post your news item, you have the option to save it for later by clicking Save as Draft. Publish or Save as Draft

  2. The draft will not display in your News items on the Course Home page.

    No News

  3. To find the draft News item, click the dropdown arrow next to news and select news buttonGo To News Tool.

  4. Here you will see all of your news items, whether published or drafts.
    Note: Students cannot see news items in draft status.

    News Tool Page

  5. Click the name of the draft to edit it.

  6. If the news item is ready to post, click Publish.

  7. The news item will now display in the News Feed on the Course Home page.

    News Post

Deleting and Dismissing News Items

In the News widget on the Course Home page, you can read and dismiss news items. To view all news items, click Show All News Items.

  1. To delete an item, click the dropdown arrow next to the item and select Delete.
  2. To dismiss an news item, click on the news x icon.

    Note: When you dismiss a news item, you are not deleting it! You are only hiding it from your own view on the main Course Home page.

Restoring a News Item

A dismissed News item may be restored at any time.

  1. To view a dismissed news item again, click the dropdown arrow next to News and selectnews buttonGo To News Tool. Now you can view all news items, including published and draft items.

  2. To display the dismissed news items on your home page again, click the dropdown arrow next to the icon and select Restore.

    restore a news item

  3. The news item is now shown on the Course Home page.

How To: Instructions
Reorder News Items Click the dropdown arrow next to News and select reorderReorder News Items.
Edit News Items Click the dropdown arrow next to the item and select editEdit.
Delete News items Click the dropdown arrow next to the item and select deleteDelete.
Find News Drafts and Dismissed items Click the dropdown arrow next to News and select news buttonGo To News Tool. 
Dismiss News Item Click the Dismiss button news x on the far right side of the news item.
Restore News Item

Click the dropdown arrow next to News and select news buttonGo To News Tool. 

Then click the dropdown arrow next to the item and select news restoreRestore.

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