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Groups in Desire2Learn let students work together online. You can create new groups for each project, or keep students in the same groups for all projects during the term.

Creating Groups and Group Workspace

  1. Choose Groups on the navigation bar.

  2. Click New Category.

  3. In the Category Name text box, type the desired name.
    Hint: This name describes the category, not the individual groups.

  4. Optional: In the Description text box, type a description of the category.

  5. From the Enrollment Type pull-down menu, choose the type of enrollment you prefer:

    • # of Groups - No Auto Enrollments: You choose which students are in which groups.
    • Groups of #: Students are automatically placed into groups of a specific size (i.e., 3 students per group).
    • # of Groups: The class is automatically divided into the chosen number of groups (i.e., 2 groups would divide the class in half).
    • The final two options in D2L (Groups of # - Self-Enrollment & # of Groups - Self Enrollment) are the same as above but these options allow students to enroll themselves into groups. 
    Note that the options you see below will differ depending on the Enrollment Type you choose.

  6. In the Number of Groups/Users text box, type the desired number.

  7. Depending on the Enrollment Type chosen above, you may see an Advanced Properties section. Click Expand Advanced Properties if it is not already open, and choose whether or not you wish new users to be auto-enrolled and/or users in groups to be randomized.

    Recommended: In the Advanced Properties section, you may check the box to Auto-Enroll New Users so that new students that are enrolled in the course can be added to the groups after the groups have been created. You can also uncheck the Randomize users in Groups box if you wanted users to be enrolled based on the alphabetical order of the classlist rather than randomly.

  8. At this point, if you do not want to create a group discussions or group lockers, you may simply click Save (and it is not necessary to continue reading this section of documentation). If you do wish to create group workspace, continue following the steps below.

  9.  In the Additional Options section, click Expand the Additional Options if it is not already open.

  10. Choose the desired Create Workspace option(s). If you are using group-restricted Discussions, set them up here to ensure restrictions are in place.

  11. Click Save. You will now be able to create group workspaces for these groups.

  12. Discussions--If you chose to create discussions, you will see the Create Restricted Discussions screen.

    1. From the Forum pulldown menu, choose an existing forum for the discussion from the Forum dropdown menu.
      Note: If you wish, you may create a new discussion forum by pressing New Forum.

    2. Click Add Another to create the restricted group topics for the forum chosen or created in Step 1, then to create or select another forum. Select an existing forum from the dropdown menu or press New Forum to create an entirely new forum.

    3. You may continue creating group-restricted discussions space by pressing Add Another to create a new forum or select an existing forum, then press Add Another to create the restrict group topics for that forum and to allow you to create/select another forum.

    4. When you finish choosing/creating your group discussion space, press Create and Next to continue. Group-restricted discussion space within each forum is then created.

  13. Dropboxes--If you chose to create group dropboxes, you will see the Create Dropbox Folders screen.

    1. Enter the assignment name for the dropbox folder.
      Note: Under Folder Type, notice that it reads: Group submission folder - [Category Name], indicating that this is a group dropbox folder.

    2. Optional: From the Category pulldown menu, choose the category (if any) in which you would like the dropbox folder to appear. You may create a new category by clicking New Category.
      Categories allow you to organize your dropboxes by type of assignment.

    3. You may link this dropbox to your gradebook. From Grade Item pulldown menu, choose an existing grade item.
      Note: If you wish, you may create a new grade item by clicking New Grade Item.

    4. If you linked this dropbox to a grade item, also enter the total number of points for the assignment in the Out Of text box; the point value entered here should equal the point value of the grade item linked to the dropbox.

    5. Optional: You may also add a rubric, choose a default scoring rubric, provide instructions for the submission, attach a file, and/or record audio.

    6. In the Submission Options section, click Show Submission Options. Here you may choose how many files are allowed per submission and how many submissions are allowed.

    7. Click Add Another to create another group dropbox folder, or Create to continue.

  14. You will then see a summary of your Group Workspace just created. Click Done to continue.
    Note: If you chose to create Lockers, one is automatically created for each group.

  15. You will then see the Edit Category screen. If the settings are as you wish them to be, click Save.

Manually Enrolling Students

  1. Click the dropdown arrow next to the desired category and select Enroll Users.
    Enroll Users in groups

  2. In the checkboxes, select which group each user should be in.
    group enrollgroup enroll
    Note: An icon enrolled icon appears next to the names of users enrolled in a group.

  3. Click Save.

Editing Groups or Categories

You can change group and category names.

  1. To rename a category,
    a. Click Groups on the navigation bar.
    b. Click the name of the category.
    c. In the Category Name box, type the new name.
    d. Click Save.

  2. To rename a group,
    a. Click Groups on the navigation bar.
    b. Click the name of the group.
    c. In the Group Name box, type the new name.
    d. Click Save.

Deleting Groups or Categories

  1. Click Groups on the navigation bar.

  2. From the View Categories pull-down menu, select the desired category.

  3. Click the category or group you want to delete.

  4. Click Delete.

  5. A confirmation pane appears; click Delete Groups/Categories.

Help Desk

For more information or to request a service, contact the LTS Help Desk:
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