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Grades: Exporting and Importing

Exporting and Importing Grades in D2L

The export of D2L grades can be done for two reasons:

  1. Backup: you can export D2L course grades to Excel to create a backup copy of your grades. If is a good idea to do this regularly, at least several times throughout the semester and at the end of each term. See Exporting Grades below for step-by-step instructions.

  2. Grading in Excel: You may also export your D2L course grades to a CSV file, complete the grade entry in the CSV file, and import the updated CSV file into your D2L gradebook.


Exporting grades is fairly straightforward, but importing grades into D2L can go wrong more easily. If you intend to grade in your CSV file and import those grades into your D2L course gradebook, follow the recommendations in this section for a successful import:

  • Set up your gradebook in D2L first.
    • Create grade items in D2L and use unique names for categories and grade items.

      NOTE: Using duplicate names may lead to errors on import.

  • Export your D2L gradebook and do your grading in the exported CSV file. This ensures the correct format for the column headings of each grade item.

  • Be aware that some types of grade items cannot be imported:
    • Only numeric, text, pass/fail, and selectbox grade items can be imported.

      NOTE: Be sure to uncheck all other grade item types when exporting your gradebook.

  • To save processing time when you intend to enter grades in the CSV file in Excel, export only the grade items you intend to grade in Excel and re-import to D2L.
    • If you are making a backup of your D2L grades for your records, export ALL grade items.

  • During the export process, when prompted to open or save the CSV file, open it and verify the contents.
    • If you rename the file, use no spaces or special characters other than the hyphen and underscore.
    • Save the file, choosing CSV ( Comma delimited) from the Save as type pull-down menu.

Exporting Grades

Exporting grades from your Desire2Learn course produces a CSV file (accessible in Excel).

If you plan to grade in the CSV file and import those grades into your D2L gradebook, first create your gradebook in D2L, then export your gradebook and do your grading in the exported file.

NOTE: It is a good idea to export your Grades List several times during each term and at the end of each term so that you have a backup of your Grades List.

  1. From the Course Home page, on the Navigation bar, click GRADES

  2. Click Export


  3. The Export Grades pane appears.

    export grades

  4. In the Export Options section, the default selections are recommended:

    1. Key Field= Org Defined ID (the UWEC student ID)
    2. Grade Values- Points Grade
    3. User Details- Last Name and First Name

  5. In the Choose Grades to Export section, select the individual grade items you want to export OR click on the topmost checkbox above the list of grade items to Select All Rows to select all items in the list.

    choose grades to export

  6. Press Export to CSV

    export to csv

  7. Once your file is prepared, the Export Grades dialog box will appear.

    export grades box

  8. Click on the link in the dialog box. Choose Open to review the contents of the export file.

    NOTE: Students will not be listed in alphabetical or student ID order in the CSV file. Use the Sort feature in Excel to re-order your student list as you prefer.

  9. Save the grade file.

    save your grade

  10. Click SAVE

  11. Click YES to confirm

  12. Close the Excel/CSV file

Importing Grades

  1. After exporting your D2L gradebook, you may enter grades in the CSV file and import those grades into the gradebook in your D2L course.

    NOTE: To grade, open the CSV gradebook file, add grades in the appropriate columns, and re-save.

  2. Before re-importing the CSV file, remove the # signs/hashtags in front of each Org Defined ID; these will produce errors on import.

    • Highlight the OrgDefinedID column.
    • Use the Find & Replace feature in Excel to remove the # signs; search for # and replace with nothing.
    • Be sure to retain the # signs/hashtags in the right-most column labeled "End-of-Line Indicator", indicating the end of each student's record.
  3. Save and close the CSV file before beginning the import into your D2L gradebook.

  4. To import your updated grades into D2L, access your D2L course.

  5. On the Navigation bar, select Grades.

  6. Press IMPORT import

  7. In Step 1, you will select the file for import
    1. On the Import Grades page, browse to the CSV file containing your course's grades.
    2. The Choose File to Upload dialog box appears.
    3. Select the desired file, click OPEN
    4. When you have the information in place, press Continue.

  8. In Step 2, you are informed of any errors.

    step 2

  9. In Step 3, you can preview your import.

    step 3

  10. If correct, press IMPORT to complete the import process. If incorrect, press Cancel to abort the import.

    1. If error messages appear during this process, review the file you are importing.
    2. Verify your document is saved as a CSV file ( Comma delimited).
    3. Check that you followed all of the recommendations in the Export section above.
    4. Make the necessary changes and retry the export process again, making sure to follow the directions exactly
    5. Contact the Help Desk (715-836-5711; for referral to a D2L administrator if problems persist.

  11. Review your grades in D2L to verify accuracy.

Help Desk

For more information or to request a service, contact the LTS Help Desk:
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