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Rubrics - Editing and Grading

Rubrics in D2L allow students to see exactly what is expected of them before they submit their work.

Note: Only Instructors and Academic Assistants can see the Rubrics link on the navbar. Students will see rubrics linked to dropboxes or to graded items. Rubrics linked to quizzes are available to instructors for grading and to students when viewing their quiz results.

This document contains the following sections:

Editing and Deleting Rubrics


  1. In the Rubrics tab, click on the title of the rubric you wish to edit. Instructors are able to edit rubrics that are in draft status or rubrics that are published but not yet used for assessment.

    Rubrics List

    Note: It is very helpful to add the Rubrics link to the navigation bar before you create rubrics, so you have easy access to them at all times. Your students will not see Rubrics on the navbar; instead they will only see the rubrics you have linked to other tools in your course. See the written and/or video tutorial on Editing the Navigation bar for instructions.

  2. On the Properties tab, you can edit the Name, Status, and Description of your rubric (do not uncheck the Competencies and ePortfolio boxes). Once a rubric is created and saved, it is no longer possible to change the rubric type or scoring method.

    Edit Rubric Name Status Description
  3. In the Levels and Criteria tab, use the dropdown menus to edit the rubric's criteria and levels. Rename the criteria, enter details in the levels, and enter feedback for each performance level. Save.

    Edit Criteria

  4. Set the Rubric status to Published (under the Properties tab) when it is complete and ready to use. Rubrics must be published in order to be linked to other tools. Save.

    Publish Rubric

    Note: Once a rubric has an association with another tool in the course, it cannot be deleted. Once a rubric has been used for grading, it is locked and cannot be edited or deleted.

Grading with Rubrics: Grades

  1. From the Grades tab, click the black drop-down arrow next to the grade item you wish to edit and click Grade All.

    Rubrics Grade All

  2. A list of all the students will appear. If the grade item is linked to a rubric, you will see an Assessment column. For each student you can click the icon in this column to view the rubric for that student Rubric Icon

  3. A window will appear allowing you to choose the number of points earned for each criterion. Once you make a selection, you will see a pencil and an eraser appear in the Feedback column. You may click the pencil to provide individual text feedback or press the eraser to clear your selection and feedback. 

    Edit Rubric from grades

  4. Press Save, and then click the red "x" in the upper right corner of the box to close the rubric feedback pane.

  5. Repeat for each student to be graded, making sure you save your rubric grade and feedback for each student. When you are finished with all the students, click Save.

  6. Another window will open, confirming that you wish to save and continue. Click Yes.

  7. To return to the gradebook, click Grades on the navigation bar.

Grading with Rubrics: Dropbox

  1. In the Dropbox tab, click on the name of the folder you wish to grade.

    Folder Dropbox

  2. Find the name of the student whose submission you want to grade, and click on Grade and Leave Feedback to the right of the name.

  3. On the right side menu under the Evaluation heading, click on the name of the rubric you are using to grade the assignment.

    Dropbox rubric

  4. In the Assess Rubrics window that appears, grade the assignment by selecting the radio buttons in the appropriate levels.

    grading rubric dropbox

  5. Leave text feedback for each student by clicking on the yellow Edit pencil to override written feedback or the number of points awarded if you so choose.
  6. Press Save & Record to save and push the score and comments to the feedback area in the dropbox.
  7. If you wish to provide more individual feedback about the assignment, use the Feedback box on the right side menu. Be sure to save any changes.

Grading with Rubrics: Discussions

Rubrics can be linked to Discussion topics. Rubric details can be viewed by students before posting in Discussion topics but students are currently not able to see graded rubrics in Discussion topics. To view rubric results for discussion posts, students must access their D2L course, then the Progress link in the Personal Menu, selecting Discussions from the tool list on the left, and then choosing the specific discussion topic in the right pane. The rubric icon will display there, allowing the student to click on it to view the rubric grade and feedback.

Instructors may instead consider linking the rubric to the grade item for the discussion topic so students can see the assessment details in their grades view. 

Grading with Rubrics: Quizzes


Rubrics linked to quizzes (usually holistic rubrics) cannot be viewed in the attempt details section. Click on the Overall Grade link at the bottom of the student's quiz attempt to see the linked Rubric. In Overall Grade, you can see and grade in the rubric and leave comments for the student. Students can see the rubric and rubric feedback in their quiz submission view.


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