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New Semester Checklist

This page includes information on the following topics that must be considered prior to the beginning of each semester:

Also, learn about a few items you may wish to consider prior to your first semester using D2L:

Every Semester:

Activate Your Course

Before students can access your course (or even see it in their D2L My Courses listing), the course must be activated. Read the Activating Your Course page or watch the Activating a Course video.

Change Course Dates

If you want to allow students access to your course before the first day of classes or more than three weeks after the last week of classes, change the start and end dates for your course. Read the instructions on the Activating Your Course page.

Check D2L News Items

To view announcements about new features, workshops, outages, and more, read the News items on the D2L My Home page.

Combine Course Sections

If you're teaching a course with multiple sections and want all sections combined in one D2L course, complete the D2L Course Request Form to have those sections merged.

Copy Components from Other Courses

If you want to use materials from another D2L course in a course this semester, you can copy the materials directly from the course. Read Copying Components for more information.

Modify or Change the Course Name

You may modify the course name in D2L or change it completely if you prefer. Refer to the instructions for changing the D2L course name.

Add Participants

You can add additional instructors, academic assistants, students, and other users to a class. Read the instructions on the Classlist page for more information.

Tools for Efficient Updates in D2L Courses

Manage Dates and the bulk edit feature in several D2L tools give you the ability to update various items such as dropbox folder titles, quiz names, start/end/due dates set in various tools without having to open each item.

  • Content Bulk Edit
    • Edit module and topic titles, availability dates, published/draft status, and more using Bulk Edit for all Content modules and topics. Bulk edit is also available in individual modules for editing of the topics within that module.
  • Manage Dates
    • View and edit date availability in various D2L course tools including Content modules and topics, Discussion forums and topics, Dropbox folders, News items, and Quizzes.

  • Dropbox Bulk Edit
    • Edit folder names, assign categories, and add, remove, or modify folder restriction dates on one screen.

  • Quizzes Bulk Edit
    • Edit quiz names, assign categories to quizzes, activate or deactivate quizzes, and update the number of attempts allowed for each quiz.

  • Manage Grades Bulk Edit
    • Modify the grade item names and short names, max points, weights (in weighted gradebooks), bonus/extra credit status, grade schemes for each item and category.

  • Go to News Tool
    • View all News items in the course; edit the text and start/end dates, re-order and delete items. Students can see all News items with no end date or with a future end date. Delete news items you no longer need. Add a past end date to news items you want to save for future use.

First Semester Using D2L

Set your preferences. You can choose your time zone, change the default font and size of text in D2L, create a signature for email message sent from within D2L, and more. If you are happy with the default settings, there is no need to change anything.

  1. Log in to D2L.

  2. On the right of the menu bar at the top of your screen, click the dropdown arrow next to your name and select Account Settings.

    Select Account


Font Selection

  1. In Account Settings, you will see the Font Settings section.

  2. Make the desired selections from the Font Face and Font Size pull-down menus.
    NOTE: The Preview box shows what the text will look like.
    OPTIONAL: To return to the default settings, click Restore Default Font Settings.

  3. Make any other desired changes » press Save.

Time Zone

  1. Scroll down to view the Time Zone section.

  2. Select your Continent and Time Zone.

  3. Press Save.

Email Settings

  1. Select the Email tab, and choose Settings.

  2. It is recommended that you create an email signature to appear at the bottom of any emails you send from within D2L.

    NOTE: Emails you send from D2L will not appear in Sent folder of your UWEC mail account. Instead, they will appear in the Inbox of your UWEC mail account.

  3. Press Save.

Help Desk

For more information or to request a service, contact the LTS Help Desk:
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