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Progress Tools

Instructors can now review individual student progress through a D2L course as well as the progress of the class as a whole through components of D2L courses.

This page explains how to access and understand the following tools:

User Progress

This tool allows instructors to view detailed tracking of individual students.

Accessing User Progress

  1. The Progress tool for individual students can be accessed from two locations in D2L courses:
  • The Classlist tool

    Progress link in Classlist tool

  • Grades

    Progress link in Grades tool


Understanding the Interface

The User Progress interface consists of three main areas:

  • The User Information area, which contains links to view the user's profile and email the user.

  • The Reports List area, which contains links to view reports based on the 9 progress indicators, as well as a Summary view that encompasses all of the progress indicators.
    • Click on any of the tools links in the list in the left pane to view details about that tool in the right pane.

  • The Report Details area, which expands the progress indicator report chosen from the Reports List.
    • When a report displays in the Report Details area, it contains clickable expandable and collapsible links that enable users to drill-down further into the reports for more details.

Students are able to view their own progress in each of their D2L courses.

Changing Settings

The Reports Detail area of User Progress displays all nine progress indicators in the Summary Report.

  • Instructors may uncheck progress indicators to remove them from the Summary Report in Settings Settings link in User Progress

    User Progress indicators

  • You may also adjust the percentages and the color indicators which help you see which students are On Track, which students you should have Some Concerns about, and which students are At Risk.

    User Progress color indicators


Interpreting the Grades Chart in User Progress

The Grades box plot graph represents the full range of possible grades (0%-100%) in one bar.

 User Progress grades chart

  • The start and   end brackets represent the actual range of grades for the item.
    The start bracket represents the lowest grade achieved for the grade item, while the end bracket represents the highest grade achieved for the grade item.

  • The blue bar represents the middle range of grades for the class, excluding the bottom 25% of the class and the top 25% of the class.

  • A black square () represents the individual user's grade for the item. Their grade also displays numerically, along with any previously established grade and color schemes.

  • A vertical white line ( ) represents the mean grade for the item.

Class Progress

This tool allows instructors to track the progress of the class as a whole, as well as detailed tracking of individual students.

Class Progress

  1. Near the top right of the screen, next to the Logout button, select Edit Course.
    Edit Course

  2. In the Learner Management section, select View User Progress. You will be taken to the Class Progress screen, which shows all the students in your course, along with the indicators that have been selected to appear.
    View User Progress

  3. Instructors can select up to four indicators of progress to view at one time, but these can be changed or reordered easily as desired. To select the indicators you wish to view, click Settings.

  4. Use the arrows to the right of the indicator names to reorder the indicators or replace them with another option. There are descriptions below each indicator name providing information regarding the data that will be shown with that option.

  5. Once you have the indicators set as desired, click Save and Close. You will be returned to the main Class Progress page, showing the overview of progress for everyone in the course.
    Save And Close

Student Progress

You may also view an individual student’s progress in more detail:

  1. From the Class Progress list, click an individual’s name.
    Select User

  2. You will be brought to the Progress Summary page for that student. This page shows reports for all the D2L tools implemented in the course.

  3. By default, you will see a summary of all the tools. To view more detail about a specific course tool, click the desired tool in the menu on the left side of the screen.
  4. You also can customize progress reports for students to view. You may set what sections to include and control the color:
    1. From an individual student’s Progress Summary page, near the top right of the screen, click Settings.
      Individual Progress Settings
    2. From the Settings page, use the checkboxes to select the progress indicators you wish to include in the report.
      Progress Indicators
    3. Select the colors you wish displayed on the graph, and enter the percentage levels for each color.
      Color Indicators
      Note: These settings will be applied to all students in the course.

  5. Use the arrows near the student’s name to navigate among users, or click Class Progress, found directly above the student’s name, to return to the Class Progress view.

Watch a video showing the Class Progress tool!

Click here to view this video in YouTube, which allows you to watch it in fullscreen view.

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