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Viewing My Class Schedule

This document shows you how to view your class schedule in MyBlugold CampS. There are three available formats in which to view your schedule: Quick view, List, and Weekly.

Accessing the Student Center Academics Section

  1. Access the Student Center from MyBlugold CampS » Main Menu » Self Service.

  2. Click Student Center.
    The Student Center page appears.

  3. The Academics section displays the class schedule quick view along with new options.
    Note: The Academics section is displayed by default. If necessary, to display the Academics section, click the green expand arrow Green arrow to the left of its heading.

Class Schedule: Quick View

  1. Access the MyBlugold CampS Student Center.

  2. In the Academics section, you can see information about class start/end deadlines by clicking the Deadlines button deadlines button to the left of each class.
    The Student Center page refreshes and displays deadlines information.

    Class Schedule Quick View

  3. When you are finished viewing the deadlines information, click Return to Student Center.

Class Schedule: List View

A more detailed view of your class schedule is also available on the Student Center page in the Academics  section.

  1. From the Other Academics . . . pull-down menu, select Class Schedule.

  2. To the right of the pull-down menu, click the Go button Double Arrow

  3. If more than one term is available for viewing:
    1. In the column to the left of the terms, select the desired term by clicking the vacant circle.
    2. Click Continue.
      The page refreshes and shows the list view.

  4. Optional: To filter classes according to enrolled, dropped and/or wait-listed classes, select the check boxes next to the appropriate Show options » click Filter.
    Note: An option is selected if a check appears in the box beside it.

  5. Optional: To print this class schedule, click Printer Friendly Page found near the page bottom.

Class Schedule: Weekly Calendar View

The schedule may also be viewed on a weekly basis. Classes will appear in green boxes according the the days and times of the classes.

  1. To access the weekly calendar view of your class schedule, in the Academics section:
    1. Click Weekly Schedule.
    2. In the list view, click Weekly Calendar View.
      The weekly view of your class schedule is displayed.

  2. To select a specific week to view:
    1. Click the Previous Week and Next Week buttons until you reach the desired week.
    2. To the right of the Show Week of entry box, click the Calendar button calendar button » select the desired week to display.

  3. Optional: To modify the weekly view even further, from the Display Options section, select the desired options.

  4. Click Refresh Calendar.
    The weekly view refreshes to reflect the selected week and display buttons.

  5. Optional: To print this class schedule, click Printer Friendly Page.
    Hint: You may want to set your printer to landscape mode and select print preview to be sure the schedule will print in the desired fashion.

Help Desk

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