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Blugold Insider: Browser Compatibility

In order to retain the complete functionality of Blugold Insider, you must use the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer 9. While Microsoft has taken great strides to expand browser compatibility with SharePoint 2013, we strongly encourage you and your team to use the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer 9. Besides providing the most complete suite of functionality, standardizing what browser you and your team uses assures that there will be a similar user experience across your team and that our documentation, which is written using the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer 9, will be of use to you.

What Version am I Using?

If you suspect you are using the wrong version of Internet Explorer it is very simple to confirm or deny your suspicions.

  1. Click the gear in the top right of your browser.

  2. From the menu that appears, select About Internet Explorer.

    About IE

  3. If the dialog box that appears looks like the image below, you are using the correct browser.

    good dialog box

  4. However, if the dialog box looks like the image below (note the 64-bit Edition), you are using an incorrect version of IE.

    wrong version

Where Can I Find the Correct Version?

If you find you're using the wrong version of Internet Explorer, it's very simple to locate the correct version.

  1. Click the Start button. and type 'Internet Explorer' into the search box.

    Right Version

  2. You should see three different Internet Explorer buttons. Click the option that does not have (64-bit) or (No Add-ons) appended to it.

Note: Don't see this? Contact and describe the problem.

Change the Default Browser

In order to make sure that you continue using the correct version of Internet Explorer that you just opened, you will want to complete the simple process of setting Internet Explorer as the system default browser. This will ensure that whenever you click on a web link sent to you in Outlook, Word, etc., it will automatically open in the correct version of Internet Explorer.

  1. Click the gear in the upper right hand corner of Internet Explorer, and select Internet Options from the menu that appears.

    click internet options

  2. Complete the following steps in the dialog box that appears:
    1. Go to the Programs tab in the dialog box that appears.
    2. Click Make default.
    3. Select the checkbox next to Tell me if Internet Explorer is not the default web browser.
    4. Click OK.

      go in order

You Now Have the Correct Version!

Using the correct version of Internet Explorer solves most problems that you as a Blugold Insider user can have. It also allows you to be sure that you will have an experience similar to the rest of your team and that any LTS documentation you find for Blugold Insider or any other web-based program will be relevant to you!

Help Desk

For more information or to request a service, contact the LTS Help Desk:
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