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Purchasing iPads and Mobile Devices

How to Buy

iPads are purchased through Learning and Technology Services. The first step is to decide what iPad specification best fits your needs. The FAQ section below is designed to help you decide what specifications are right for you. When you are ready to make a purchase, please visit the iPad Purchasing Guide and follow the instructions given. LTS will create a Purchasing Requisition for you to approve. With your approval, LTS will make the purchase. When the iPad arrives, LTS will schedule a time to deliver the iPad and provide some basic information. Please contact with any questions about iPad purchases.

iPad Purchasing FAQs

How much storage will my iPad need?
This depends on how you intend to use your iPad. If you are planning to use your iPad for primarily email, viewing or composing documents and spreadsheets, and using a few apps, the 16 GB model should suffice. If you will be using a variety of apps or working with multimedia files, you will likely want the 32 GB or 128 GB models. Additional storage cannot be added later, so it is best to buy more storage than you will need than to buy too little storage.

What color iPad should I get: black or white?
This is a completely cosmetic decision; it is entirely up to you! (Compare

Which Internet connection option should I get?
The WiFi-only model will able to access the Internet where WiFi coverage is available. The WiFi and Cellular Data model is capable of connecting by both WiFi and AT&T's, Sprint's, or Verizon's cellular network, which allows you to get Internet access anywhere you have either WiFi or AT&T/Sprint/Verizon cellular service. You do not need to activate the monthly cellular data plan unless you wish to use it. The cellular data card cannot be added to an iPad after it is purchased. AT&T offers a data calculator to help you calculate how much money the monthly cellular data will cost. Since many functions of the iPad require Internet access, careful thought must be put into which Internet connection option is best for you.

What do I need to know about cellular data service?
- Business Services requires an academic or duty-specific reason to justify the need for an iPad with cellular data service.
- Cellular data service is billed month-by-month, recurring until the service is cancelled. Service can be enabled and cancelled at any time through the iPad itself.
- AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon cellular data service must be billed to a University Procurement Credit Card. Reimbursements will not be granted for cellular data purchases on personal credit cards.
- Questions regarding cellular data plans and their administration should be directed to AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon.

Should I buy display adapters?
The iPad requires an additional cable to connect to campus projectors and monitors. If you plan to connect your iPad to a projector or another type of external screen, you will need a display adapter. You may purchase a VGA adapter, HDMI adapter, or both.

What kind of cover or case should I buy?
LTS recommends that you buy some kind of cover or case for your iPad, but the type of case is largely depends upon personal preference. Cases do not need to be purchased through LTS and should be purchased with a University Procurement Credit Card.

Help Desk

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