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Mobile Printing Service

In a recent survey, students pointed out that it was difficult to find a lab computer to login to, locate a nearby printer, and then print their documents.

Working closely with the Student Senate Information Technology Committee which funded the project, LTS has made this easier by allowing students to print directly from a laptop to one of the four printer stations in the following buildings: 

  • McIntyre Library
  • Towers Dorm
  • Davies Center
  • Haas Fine Arts

How does it work?

Mobile printing is as easy as sending an email. In fact, that is all you have to do!  Simply create an email message addressed to, attach the document(s) you need to print, and send it. You will receive a notification email back with a link to log into, where you can select your document and the printer that you want to print to. It's as easy as that! 

Once your job has been processed you will confirmation by email letting you know the job has been sent to the printer.  As with conventional printing, you will still need to supply your own paper with lab printers.

UW-Eau Claire student, Megan Diamond, describes her experience using Mobile Print services in the video above.

For more information about this process, view the LTS Online Help documentation on Printing from Mobile Devices.