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A scanner digitizes images or text documents and allows them to be transferred and stored electronically. Scanning is useful for storing documents, certificates, and assignments with instructor comments. McIntyre Library has KIC, flatbed, and microform scanners.

This page contains documentation on the following:

Scanner Locations (Links to McIntyre Library Documentation)
Scanning to PDF
Applying OCR to a Scanned PDF Document
Checking and Fixing Suspected OCR Errors
Saving as an Optimized PDF


NOTE: We recommend you use Adobe Acrobat Professional when creating PDFs. Adobe Acrobat Pro is available on all lab computers on campus.

Scan to PDF

  1. Make sure you are logged into a computer that has an attached scanner.

  2. Open Adobe Acrobat Professional NOT Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    DO NOT use the generic scanning software.

  3. Click the Create button on the left side of the top taskbar and select PDF from Scanner.


OPTIONAL: Select one of the preset color modes, such as Black & White or Greyscale Document.

NOTE: It is recommended that you use Black & White as it usually results in a smaller file size.

  1. Follow any instructions for your scanner to start scanning the document.

  2. After scanning each page, Adobe asks if the scan is completed or if you need to scan more pages. If you are finished scanning, click OK.

Applying OCR to a Scanned PDF Document

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows your scanned documents to be searchable. This is particularly useful when you have a multitude of scanned documents stored on the same network drive.

  1. Open the PDF file

  2. In Adobe Acrobat Professional, select View, Tools, Text Recognition

  3. The Text Recognition panel in the Tools pane opens

  4. Click In This File. Designate the desired pages and click OK

  5. Adobe Acrobat Pro applies OCR to the scanned document

Checking and Fixing Suspected OCR Errors


  1. Open the PDF file.

  2. In Acrobat, select View, Tools, Text Recognition. The Text Recognition panel in the Tools pane opens.

  3. Click Find First Suspect. Acrobat identifies suspect characters or words for your evaluation.


  4. To make corrections, click on the highlighted object in the document and type the corrected text.

  5. Click Find Next. If the text is already correct, click Accept and Find to move on to the next one. If the suspect isn't a word, click Not Text.

  6. When you are done, click Close.

Saving as an Optimized PDF

Saving as an optimized PDF will help make your file size smaller.

  1. Go to File, Save As

  2. From the drop down menu, select Adobe PDF Files, Optimized

  3. Click Save

Help Desk

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