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Setting Permissions

By default, videos you add to the Streaming Media Portal will only be viewable by all UWEC users. If desired, you may choose to alter this setting.

  1.  When viewing your video, you will see a number of tabs below it that allow you to adjust information and settings that apply to your video. Go to the Permissions tab.

  2. As mentioned, videos are, by default, able to be viewed by all UWEC users. If desired, you may choose to alter these settings.

    1. You may wish to share some videos with the public. If you have the rights to do so, select the radio button next to Public to make your video public to all users.

      Note: The Streaming Media Portal does not have a wide-open interface for the public to browse. Non-UWEC users will need to use the guest login to view content, unless guests are directed to an item by a direct URL (via the sharing options) or a video embedded in a website. In these cases, the system will automatically log in as a guest.


    2. If not all UWEC users (or the public) should be allowed to view a video due to the use of copyrighted materials or because it is student-sensitive, private permissions can be enabled by selecting the radio button next to Private. When the Private option is selected, the default inherited permissions are ignored. Instead, only explicit permissions set using the View, Edit, Delete, and Admin radio buttons for each user and group in the list are utilized.

  3. If desired, click the text box to the right of Content Expiration Date, and use the calendar tool to select a date for the video to expire.

    Note: Content that expires will be automatically deleted from the system after 90 days and will not be recoverable.

  4. By default, an unlimited number of users can view your video at a time. You may, if desired, choose to limit this number. It is recommended that you do not change this setting, as it is typically required only in special circumstances: when a publisher that allows streaming of specialized videos requires those videos to be limited to one or more users.

  5. Once you are finished making your changes, click Save in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Note: If you wish to restrict viewing permissions on a category or single video, contact LTS Video for assistance at 715-836-5073, or send an email to

Help Desk

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