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Digital Video Editing and Television Services

The LTS Media Production - Video and Television Services unit supports the campus academic cable system and provides video services such as off-air and satellite recording, VHS editing, satellite teleconferencing, and digital video editing.

Digital Video Editing

The Video Instruction & Production (VIP) Suite supports student learning through instruction, consulting, design, and assistance with digital video editing. Instruction and consultation include project-specific advice, shooting tips, capturing audio, lighting tips, and designing student projects. Assistance and guidance is also provided for converting video for editing and outputting to various formats. The VIP Suite within the LTS is a professional-level video editing suite with the software and equipment needed to complete most projects.

Other Video Services

The Video and Television Services unit offers a variety of video production services, including off-air and satellite recording, format and standard conversions, duplication, and VHS editing. These services are provided on a non-chargeback basis when prepared for and used by faculty and academic staff for direct classroom instruction. When prepared for other purposes, users are charged a discounted rate for faculty, campus departments, offices, and students.

Help Desk

For more information or to request a service, contact the LTS Help Desk:
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