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Graphics Production Showcase


This section of the Art & Technology/Graphics page highlights some of the instructional materials that are requested by the faculty and staff.


Monarch butterfly illustration from Andy and the Butterfly. Click the butterfly to see a few more of the illustrations.Monarch Butterfly

A series of colored pencil illustrations were created for a professional poster session entitled Andy and the Butterfly for Cecilia Wendler, School of Nursing. Several of these were also incorporated into a publication, The Art of Nursing, Expressions of Creative Art in Nursing,edited by Cecilia Wendler.


Full map of WisconsinMaps, Maps, Maps. They are always changing or have too much/too little or not the right information. We can redraw and modify your maps to meet your instructional needs.

The maps to the left and below were created using Macromedia Freehand for Kent Syverson/Geology as a Scholarly Activity for a publication. Click on each map to see a larger version.


Map of Wisconsin


ONLINE ANIMATIONAnimated Map for History Course

We can add animation to your online content. Using Macromedia Flash we can add animation to instructional content in a streaming media format.

The map to the left was created for Selika Ducksworth-Lawton/History. Click on the map to engage the "movie".