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Office and Learning Spaces

Old Library 1132, Distance Education Classroom

Old Library 1132 serves as the primary distance education facility for the campus and is a good example of a Level 4 Classroom. It currently seats 24 students who have access to voice activated microphones. At the teaching station, the AMX touch screen controls can be manipulated by the instructor or by an operator located in the LTS head end. Four cameras provide the interface for the instructor, students, and for documents. The telecommunications capability in this room spans the gamut from cable TV to two-way audio/video linkages to a multitude of Wisconsin sites.

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Front of OL1132This view of the teaching station in Old Library 1132 shows the three preview monitors as well as the touch screen panel. The blue area in the back of the room is actually an image on the large send monitor that the instructor uses from the teaching station. The send monitor is placed above student head level for easy viewing. The teacher camera is to the left of the send monitor.

Back of OL1132The view from the back of the room shows the white board, the teaching station, and the projection screen. Note the microphones on the student desktops.