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Policy for Use of Campus-wide E-mail

For purposes of this policy, mass e-mail is defined as a single message being sent to more than 1,000 recipients.

The News Bureau will disseminate emergency campus-wide e-mails and electronic publications. Emergency campus-wide e-mails are typically those informing the campus community of timely news before it is released to the media, or announcements of immediate importance to the campus community that cannot be disseminated in a timely manner by any other means.

Departments, offices, units, and student organizations are authorized to submit announcements to the News Bureau as appropriate for publication in the UW-Eau Claire Notices and UW-Eau Claire Faculty/Staff News, both accessible on the News@UW-Eau Claire Web site.

In addition, the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors may authorize dissemination of information via mass e-mail either on a one-time or an ongoing basis.