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Policy on Computer Support Fee

The Computer Support Fee is a charge levied annually on all campus computers and is used to contribute to the funding necessary to provide UWEC licensed software and software support. This covers the cost of licenses for campus-wide application software and infrastructure software directly used to support and maintain the campus computers. The charge is assessed to the unit that owns the computers as determined by the inventory records. The initial charge amount is based on projected budgets for approved software and maintenance and, therefore, is subject to adjustment annually.

Current Charge Amounts and Structure

Bills will typically be computed and distributed in January. Bills reflect assessments for the current fiscal year.

All UWEC computers that are 4 years old or newer will be assessed a $90 yearly fee. A surcharge will also be assessed on those computers designated as older than 4-years. Computers in their fifth and sixth year will incur a $50 additional charge for each year. Computers older than six years will incur an additional $100 surcharge.


  • A 4-year old (or newer) computer will be assessed a $90 annual fee.

  • A 5-year old computer will be assessed $140 for the year ($90 + $50 surcharge)

  • A 6-year old computer will be assessed $190 ($90 + $100 surcharge).

  • A 7-year old (or older) computer will be assessed $290 ($90 + $200 surcharge).

Review of the Program

The program will be reviewed annually and rates will be adjusted to sustain necessary funding for campus software.

Examples of Costs Paid by the Computer Support Fee

Following is a list of items paid by the revenue generated from the Computer Support Fee:

  • 1E Nightwatchman (3,000 Seat License)
  • AdminStudio
  • Adobe Creative Suite Contract
  • ARIN
  • BMC Knowledge Management express (1 seat)
  • BMC Service Deck Express
  • BP Logix
  • Bridge Software
  • Casper - JAMF Software
  • Cisco SMARTNET
  • Control Point
  • Davinci Migrator
  • Dell Symantec Backup Exec
  • E2 Campus
  • EMS Master Calendar
  • Google Search Appliance
  • Hyperion
  • IBM SPSS Annual Maintenance
  • iMarkup
  • IPMonitor
  • Listserve Rockliffe Systems
  • MAC OS X Client Software Maintenance
  • MAC OS X Server Software Support
  • Microsoft Common System Licenses
  • Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)
  • Microsoft Server Licenses
  • NCS Support
  • NetOp School
  • New Boundary Prism
  • Openview
  • Printmailer/Print2Web
  • Qualtrics
  • SASSAFRAS KeyServer
  • ScriptLogic--Server Services (2 Copies)
  • Sophos AntiVirus (for Mac OS X)
  • Techsmith Camtasia (50 Windows / 10 Mac Licenses)
  • VMWare Maintenance
  • VMware View (100 concurrent users)
  • Yammer


A complete list of components and costs is available upon request. Contact the LTS Director for details or to submit software suggestions.

To have computers and other equipment removed from your inventory and sent to Surplus, please call the LTS Help Desk at 36-5711.