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Website Redesign and Improvement 


Website Redesign

In conjunction with the new Power of AND brand launch, LTS and IMC (Integrated Marketing and Communications) has begun a project to update and refine our University website in order to make our online communication more dynamic and responsive to student, faculty, and staff needs. Our redesign will be phased in over the next 18 months, with the first set of sites scheduled to go live in August. See specifics in the Public Website Redesign FAQ.

Website Improvement

As part of our overall website improvement we also want to optimize our ability to be competitive when potential visitors are searching for information and ensure the continued security of our visitors' data. To meet these goals we will be making two changes this summer, as outlined below.

  1. Moving "People" pages to a new URL (Open Web Spaces).
    In order to improve our search engine optimization (SEO), personal websites that are currently housed in an open space at will be relocated to a separate subdomain: This preserves the ability of faculty and staff to use the open web spaces and requires no changes to these web pages. LTS will facilitate the migration to the new URL by September 1, 2015. See the full explanation in the Open Web Space Changes FAQ.

  2. Updating web forms (Retiring Perl Scripts). If your site uses any web forms, please contact LTS before June 20, 2014, so we can determine if your forms use outdated Perl scripts and arrange for assistance in migrating them to a better solution. The Perl Retirement FAQ gives a complete description.