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May 2014 


Another academic year is coming to an end. Find out what has been happening this semester and what changes LTS will be working on this summer!


In this installment of LTS News . . .

Short Takes
Check out upcoming events and changes that LTS has planned, along with short news items that may be helpful:

  • Multiple staff changes have taken place within LTS this semester, and more are coming
  • Using Lync instant messaging directly with people from other campuses
  • LTS is implementing Cherwell Service Management software over the summer
  • Campus email servers will be upgraded this summer

Website Redesign and Improvement
In conjunction with the new Power of AND brand launch, LTS and Integrated Marketing and Communications, has begun a project to update and refine our University website. Read more about the exciting changes coming this summer.

Campus Television Service to Receive Upgrade
In order to bring HD quality television to all of campus, UW-Eau Claire has teamed up with Charter Communications. Read more about what changes are coming to campus television.

Adobe Creative Suite
UW-Eau Claire recently signed a new agreement with Adobe allowing us to distribute the newest versions of Adobe Creative Cloud products across campus. Labs will be updated this summer and individuals can choose to install or update the software on their office computers.

D2L 10.3 Upgrade
D2L will be upgraded to version 10.3 and will be unavailable June 4-5. See a description of the coming changes and helpful new options.

Class Distribution List Membership
In an effort to help protect the privacy of student data, the memberships of class distribution groups will be hidden. There are alternate ways to retrieve the membership of these groups.

Mainframe Migration
UW-Eau Claire recently completed a successful mainframe migration. See a description of the migration and what it will mean for the campus community.