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Moving Into Centennial Hall 


Getting ready for the big move!

The big move into Centennial Hall will be starting at the end of December with about 35 offices scheduled to move in early on Friday, December 27. Staff members from Client Support Services have been communicating with department chairs, directors, faculty, and staff over the past many weeks, making sure everyone is informed of the plan. Once the first wave of office moves is completed, the other 135 offices will be moved in between Monday, January 6 and Thursday, January 9. 

Eau Claire Moving Services is handling all the moving of books and materials, and LTS will handle all moving of technology related items. LTS is coordinating to have all technology moved out of offices prior to Eau Claire Moving Services moving the rest of the items. The goal is to have all technology moved from current offices and into new offices by Monday, January 6. Kent Gerberich is coordinating with Chris Hessel, UW-Eau Claire Project Manager, during faculty and staff building tours to address the issue of where to locate the individual computers, printers, phones, and monitors in the new offices. This will be a very exciting time for many faculty and staff on campus, and LTS looks forward to helping them through this transition period!