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December 2013 


Another calendar year is coming to an end. Find out what is coming up at the end of this semester and prior to the start of spring semester!


In this installment of LTS News . . .

Short Takes
Check out the upcoming events and changes that LTS has planned, including a new lineup of workshops planned for Winterim and where to find information about creating effective instructional videos. Also learn about some security measures being implemented and how they affect you: hard drive encryption, how to guard against the CryptoLocker virus.

Resetting of the W drive permissions

See the details of what will be happening to W: drive permissions at the end of December.

Moving Into Centennial Hall

LTS will be busy moving computing equipment!  Find out about the Winterim schedule for moving faculty and staff office technology into the new offices and labs in Centennial Hall.

D2L 10.1 Upgrade During Winterim
D2L Version 10.1 is coming to you on January 9, 2014. Find out what you need to know to prepare for this big change!