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Adobe Creative Suite Licensing Changes 


In 2012 Adobe changed the EULA (licensing agreement) on their existing software licenses, no longer allowing concurrent licensing for faculty and staff office computers and teaching stations. Because we knew our costs would be increasing dramatically due to the change, we formed a faculty committee to make recommendations on dealing with the situation. These faculty members were unanimous in wanting to stay with Adobe Creative Suite 6 for the coming academic year.

Faculty can have Creative Suite 6 installed on their office computers at no additional cost (beyond the yearly support fee paid on all office computers).  LTS is handling this cost by dropping other software that faculty were not using. We will be able to use Creative Suite 6 for at least the next couple of years as well. Probably in the spring we will package the latest “Creative Cloud” offering and install it as faculty request it to prepare for the fall 2014 academic year. We will push it out to all computers during the summer if faculty feel it is stable and they prefer that over the existing Creative Suite 6. The version we will put out will NOT require the “Adobe Cloud”; rather, software will be installed locally.

Why don’t we want to use Adobe’s Creative Cloud on campus?

The problem in an academic environment with Adobe’s Creative Cloud is that Adobe plans on pushing out new versions/features on a regular basis and the normal Creative Cloud subscribers cannot roll back to a previous version. That would mean faculty would have to constantly update their documentation and instructions. With the enterprise agreement we are signing we will be allowed to package the suite and keep it from updating when Adobe pushes out an update. We can control when updates will happen.