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Short Takes September 2013 


New D2L Feature: Rubrics

The Rubrics tool now displays on the course default navigation bar in your D2L courses. If you are interested in investigating this tool, help is available:

Instructors and Academic Assistants can see this tool on the navigation bar, but students cannot:

  • Students will see the specific rubric you link to individual dropboxes and to grade items in your courses.
  • Rubrics can also be linked to the Discussion tool, but students do not see Rubric details in their view of Discussion modules or topics.
    • Rubrics Linked to the Discussion tool can be used by instructors for grading.

Department Digital Upgrades

Over the course of this past summer and next summer, LTS is going through department computer labs and classrooms and upgrading the audiovisual equipment to digital signal. This is the same process that was completed in all classrooms, lecture halls, and distance education classrooms over the past three summers. 

With the upgrade to digital signal, these department learning spaces will be able to use the latest digital technologies including HDMI and thus high definition. Also, at some point in the future new computers and laptops will no longer support analog signal transmission, such as VGA. Thus, these department learning spaces will be prepared for when that transition does occur.

As LTS prepares to finish the department digital upgrades next summer, our learning spaces planning team will be in contact with department chairs to verify current technology and future needs for the remaining department classrooms and labs. 

UWEC Application Catalog

As you look for software on your office computer, remember that many applications have been packaged by LTS into simple installers. On a Windows machine, go to the Start menu and search for UWEC Application Catalog (on a Mac, you would go to Applications>Self Service). The Application Catalog provides a list of all the software available to you, much of which you can quickly and easily install without getting further approval. Included in this list is Office 2013, which you can upgrade to at any time.

For more information, view Installing Software on Office Computers.

Identity Finder Software

Identity Finder Software has been added to the UWEC Application Catalog. Identity Finder is a piece of software that allows you to search your computer or network drives for personal information. Your personal information may be stored on your computer by forms, documents, or e-mails. If your machine is ever compromised, your information could be lost or used improperly. The university has a license for the software, and you can use it here on campus. LTS encourages you to use this software on any computer that you might be using and would be happy to help you with this software if you have any questions or concerns. Please contact the LTS Help Desk if you have any problems or questions with this software.

Get UWEC Dates on Your Calendar

Did you know you can get the major UW-Eau Claire academic dates automatically added to your Outlook calendar, along with holidays through the year 2020? Instructions and a link to the holiday update file can be found here. BEWARE: If you already have some of these on your calendar, you'll want to be careful to avoid duplicates. If this happens to you, the instructions tell you how you can remove holidays from your calendar.

Student People Pages No Longer Supported

As of September 1, 2013, student People Page sites are no longer connected to the internet via UW-Eau Claire’s web site. This is part of an ongoing project to disable an out-of-date system that provided blank Web space for students.

Students with active sites were notified via email with options to copy their files and create alternative sites. They are able to connect to their mapped drive share to copy files to a personal backup space until March 1, 2014.

To help with this transition, LTS has put together a PDF document listing free products for web site creation, if students decide to recreate their site elsewhere. This document can be found here.

Students can map to their drive space using the convention below:
Windows PC: \\lucy\yourusername$
Mac: //lucy/yourusername$

If assistance mapping the drive is needed, contact the LTS Help Desk at 715-836-5711, or send an email to