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Windows 8 Tablet Pilot 


With Microsoft having unveiled Windows 8, more people are realizing that it can be a useful tool when combined with tablet technology. This is why we will be having a trial for certain faculty members, allowing them to use the Dell Latitude 10 tablet with Windows 8 over summer and in the classroom throughout fall semester. Because these tablets use Windows 8, we are optimistic that they will interface easily and efficiently with our current computing on campus. This would allow faculty and staff an alternative to a laptop when mobility is needed. The tablets also work simply with existing projector hardware in most lecture halls and classrooms, allowing for direct projection from the tablet. 

Windows 8 TabletLTS ran a similar trial last year with iPads in the classroom, and through it we were better able to define the possible uses and limitations of them as an educational device. By running these tablet trials, we plan to evaluate their benefit to education, uses in lectures and classrooms, limitations and challenges faced while incorporating them into class materials, and general feedback from trial participants. If any faculty are interested in trying the tablets, please feel free to contact Catherine Davis from LTS.