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Summer 2013 Updates to University Mac Computers 


This summer, LTS Macintosh Support will be performing a number of updates to Mac computers around campus. The purpose of these updates is to prepare for improvements to security and support, which will begin this summer and continue throughout the next academic year.

A major component of this process will be to update University Macs to Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Our goal is to have all Macs on campus that are able to run Mac OS 10.8 updated over the summer months and ready to go in plenty of time for the start of Fall Semester.

As part of this process, LTS Mac Support will be coordinating with all affected faculty and staff to find time to complete these updates. They will also be taking steps to ensure that data integrity is maintained during this process, though we always encourage the use of network drives for the storage of your important data. 

If you have a University Mac computer, you’ll be receiving an email shortly with details on the updates, as well as more information on the improvements that LTS Mac Support will be making over the next year and how they will impact you. An important first step will be to examine what software you’re currently using and determine if it will be compatible with the newer Mac OS. LTS Mac Support will be asking for a list of any academically critical software aside from University standard software (ex. Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite) whose usage may be impacted by this update. You may wish to start compiling this list now. Additional information will be provided in the forthcoming email message.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the LTS Help Desk ( or (715) 836-5711). If they are unable to answer your questions, they will put you in touch with a Mac support specialist.