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MyBlugold and MyBlugold CampS Upgrades 


Upgrades and Changes to MyBlugold and MyBlugold CampS are Coming!

Confused about the differences in MyBlugold and MyBlugold CampS? You're not alone! We aim to fix that confusion, along with upgrading each of these products to the most recent version. What will this involve?

Upgrade to MyBlugold CampS

MyBlugold CampS is our campus "enterprise" database that hosts information on classes, students, grades, advisement, enrollment, etc. As an Oracle PeopleSoft product, Campus Solutions (known here as MyBlugold CampS) goes through what are called 'bundle' updates for the application four times per year. In addition to application updates, we do an upgrade of the underlying software which is called 'PeopleTools'. This summer it is time again for a PeopleTools upgrade from version 8.51 to 8.53. It is scheduled to happen the weekend of August 10th, after the summer session grading period is over.  We do not expect it to look much different than what you are used to, but this mandatory upgrade provides us with maintenance updates and sets us up for new features to be delivered. We will keep you posted on any major future changes and enhancements.

Upgrade and Name Change for MyBlugold

MyBlugold (also known by its longer name of MyBlugold Intranet & Digital Workplace) is a set of secure web pages that provide information to the campus community and support work collaboration through shared documents, lists, and calendars. This system was converted to Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure in 2012, and many offices have begun to use its capabilities to organize their operations. The SharePoint software is being upgraded to the latest version this summer with the goal of providing enhanced browser and mobile device support along with improved search capabilities. Our plan is to perform the upgrade before an expected increase in the number of offices utilizing this option.

Individuals using the MyBlugold system will see some slight differences in page arrangement, colors, and a new web address, but the overall structure will remain the same and existing sites will work as they do currently.

As part of the upgrade, the MyBlugold system will be renamed to remove any confusion with the MyBlugold CampS system. (Tune in later this summer for the new name!) Both systems will be easily accessible and we'll supply links as needed, so you should have little trouble finding the information you need. We'll be letting people know when any links and/or names change, so stay tuned and be sure to see our follow-up article in the Welcome Back issue of LTS News!