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CommonSpot Updates 


The Web Development staff is starting a series of projects this summer that will continue through the next few years. Here are a few updates:

  1. Google Analytics
    Procedures for accessing these reports have changed. For security reasons, we now require you to supply us with a Gmail email account that you will use to log into the system. Take a look at the Google Analytics for CommonSpot Documentation for more information; we are also happy to arrange for a group workshop or meet with you one-on-one.

  2. Upgrade to CommonSpot 8.0.1
    Sometime in June, we will be upgrading to the latest release of CommonSpot. This version will not change the way pages are published but will provide the following improvements:

    -continued support
    -more stability
    -analytics reporting on a page by page basis

    We'll let you know the exact date once we have it pinned down.

  3. Search Engine Optimization Project
    Starting this month, we will be looking for ways to improve our internal and external search engine functionality and ranking. Some of the needs are technical, and some will require us to use specific marketing approaches to make sure our target audiences are being reached. We are tracking baseline factors initially and hope to see some improvements both now and in the near future. We'll share more with you as we get the project moving.

  4. Moving Toward a Responsive Design
    Over the summer and into next year, we will be starting the project of revising our templates so Web pages display well on all devices, using "Responsive Web Design." This means that no matter if you use a PC, a tablet, or a phone, all page content will be easily viewed. We're working on the broad details of this project now, and you'll hear more as we move into the finer details.

  5. One-on-One Help
    Remember, Assisted Work Time sessions are available if you need assistance! Sign up through the BITS Workshop Registration System.