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Short Takes May 2013 


W Drive (Academic Share) Maintenance

LTS is planning to perform some much needed maintenance on the W: drive (academic share) late this summer, prior to the beginning of the fall semester. One of the major "W: drive" projects is to reorganize and optimize the permissions on all folders. This will help all instructors better secure their data on the W: drive and help prevent accidental or malicious deletion of data. We will, of course, work with any instructors to configure any special permissions needed for their particular classes, prior the beginning of fall semester.

We estimate needing 3 days to perform all the needed W: drive maintenance. Therefore, August 7th, 8th and 9th 2013, the \\STUDENTS.UWEC.EDU\DEPTDIR "W: Drive" share will be unavailable to everyone.

We would greatly appreciate it, if you could take a moment and delete any files from your department's folder, which are no longer needed.

Continuously Improving Spam Rules

LTS is continuously trying to improve our "spam" rules to protect you from spam and phishing attacks. Emails that contain words such as "click here" and "password" are often marked as spam by the rules in an effort to keep people from becoming victims of these phishing attacks. It is a good idea, therefore, to check your junk folder on a regular basis (especially if you're not receiving something you are expecting) to ensure that legitimate emails did not end up in the junk folder. If this happens, you can add the sender to your "safe sender" list if appropriate. Doing so will ensure that future emails from that sender will not go to the junk folder.

Campus Digital Upgrade Progress Report

Over the past two years, LTS has been aggressively working to upgrade signal transmission within classrooms and lecture halls on campus. Well over 100 such learning spaces have received this upgrade, which is necessary due to the upcoming discontinuation by manufacturers of computers and other hardware to provide analog outputs within their products. This pro-active project by LTS is being done to insure that current uses of technology will continue to be available to you in the future.

There are still a large number of other learning spaces on campus that have not yet received a digital upgrade, including curricular labs and seminar rooms, as well as conference rooms. Plans are underway to begin the upgrades in these spaces this summer, with hopes to complete a majority of them by the end of summer 2014 (pending funding and ability to work around class schedules).

Should you have any questions regarding these upgrades, contact John Lee, Classroom Planning and Design Manager for LTS, at

Summer Technology Workshops

Building Information Technology Skills (BITS) and Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) will be offering another round of workshops, beginning at the end of May and running throughout the summer.  In addition to training classes on Microsoft Office 2013, Skype, and Adobe product alternatives, we will be offering learning technology courses such as Advanced Camtasia Training, iPad Apps for Productivity and Teaching, and Creating Digital Course Content!

To view the full schedule of technology classes and reserve seats as workshops are added, check out our online registration site or the Learning Technology class descriptions. If you don't see a topic you are interested in or if none of the times work with your schedule, just email us at (or for learning technology requests) to suggest a topic and/or request a customized appointment for your department, your office, or just you! We hope to see you soon.

Building Information Technology Skills          
Learning & Technology Services                   
OL 1106 -- -- 715-836-5157

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 
OL 1142 – – 715-836-2385

Mobile "Facelift"

Exciting changes are in the works for UW-Eau Claire's mobile application. With the increase in mobile technology usage on campus, we are switching gears with our app and working with a company called DubLabs, the creators of UW-Stout's new app. Currently the contract is awaiting approval in Madison, and once we get the go ahead, the transition will officially begin. This will allow us to offer more services to our students, staff, and faculty through our app. We're taking feedback from our end-users and working to make the new app do what people need and want it to do. Whether that entails checking grades or checking live bus route data, we're working hard to bring it to you!