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Profile Pages and People Pages 


Showcasing Faculty/Staff Excellence Via Profile Pages


LTS is in the midst of a project to create a consistent, all-inclusive and professional Web presence to showcase the vast expertise and talent of UW-Eau Claire's faculty and staff. Starting in June, our university website will direct visitors seeking faculty and staff information to the new Faculty and Staff Profiles site.

New Profile Pages automatically generate as new employees join our campus community, so all faculty and staff are represented. Updates to titles and contact information also are automated. Individuals can enhance their Profile Pages by requesting that LTS add a professional photo and/or link to their People Page. Faculty and staff also can edit their own Profile Pages by adding information about promotions, job skills, publications, awards and other accomplishments.

The current Professional Pages will be referred to as People Pages and will continue to be available as open Web space for professional content. These pages will be most useful for faculty and staff who wish to link to professional content hosted on other websites. As mentioned above, a link from a faculty or staff member's Profile Page to his or her People Page will be set up upon request.

Please call the Help Desk at 715-836-5711 with any questions about the new Faculty and Staff Profiles and/or People Pages.